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AA Overseas is a well-established maid agency with a track record of assisting over 50,000 households in finding high-quality helpers. Our mission is to connect you with the most suitable domestic helpers and caregivers for your household needs. Throughout our years of service, we have successfully matched thousands of domestic helpers and caregivers with employers, many of whom continue to rely on our services. We understand the challenges that can arise when dealing with live-in helpers, but many of these issues are preventable. To offer you the utmost in service excellence, our team at AA Overseas conducts rigorous interviews and selection processes to ensure that the candidates we recommend are the perfect fit for your specific requirements.


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Deployment of New MDW

Bringing in new Foreign Domestic Workers (MDWs) to Singapore.

Deployment of Transfer MDW

Facilitating the transfer of experienced MDWs to new employers.

Direct Hire of MDW

Assisting in the direct hiring of MDWs from their home countries.

Liaison with Embassies

Acting as intermediaries with embassies for documentation and procedures.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Offering full insurance plans for employer and MDW protection.

Application of Work Permits

Managing work permit applications for MDWs.

Renewal of Work Permit

Handling work permit renewals for ongoing employment.

Cancellation of Work Permit

Assisting in work permit cancellations when needed.

Home Leave Processing

Facilitating MDWs' temporary visits to their home countries.

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Liezl Omayana
Trusted agency and friendly staff come and visit and enquire is highly recommended agency at Lucky Plaza 04-16… They will help you processing papers at great cost …
Alyaa Jasmine Danish
The staff..name of ani..very good customer service..I am so happy with her service.thankyou soo much
Melonie Gabay